29 Mar 2013

WP “You do not have sufficient permissions” error

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permissions I got a call earlier today from one of the journalists from L’Economiste Maghrebin with an issue. She couldn’t access the back-end of the site. So, I went in, and I got WordPress’ BSD (blue screen of death on Windows Machines): “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.” At first, I shrugged, […]... Read more >

10 Sep 2012

Stuck Sharethis in Firefox

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Empty Sharethis Is ShareThis not working for you on Firefox? Does it get stuck on "Loading"? This is a possible reason why.... Read more >

25 Feb 2012

Rotate cufon with Raphael

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Correct rotated text with Raphael and Cufon How to rotate a cufon-ed block of text with Raphael, without each letter rotating by itself.... Read more >

23 Feb 2012

CSS compression and errors

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isotope So, I noticed something weird recently while working on a site. I used the awesome Isotope, and the demo page I made worked fine. When I took the exact same html and put it on the final site, something weird happened. The boxes were not expanding correctly. I rechecked my javascript a bunch of times, […]... Read more >

29 Jan 2012


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I… I quite frankly don’t even know if this was going to happen, but here it is. My own site. Nothing is harder than working on your own portfolio/site. This is like my 5th design, or something of the kind. Nothing just seemed right, and was pretty much forced to put it online by my […]... Read more >

14 Jan 2012

How simple can a design be?

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I’m one of those people who like simplistic design, minimalistic even. It’s not exactly news that I do, I’ve always been annoyed with designs that are too ostentatious, simply because at a certain point, everything blends together to give me and the site visitor, as an end result, a headache. So, I do like to […]... Read more >

10 Jan 2012

Web design essentials

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I compiled a list to help some people gain the web design essentials they need and stop repeating the same mistakes over and over again.... Read more >