Zohra S

My name is Zohra S, and I’m a 28-year old web designer, coder and all around smartass from a small country in North Africa called Tunisia.

I’ve been creating sites for more than 10 years, working with various companies, organizations and individuals. Basically, you’ve probably seen some of my work before, even though it was most likely not credited as being mine.

I’m self-taught in web design/coding/programming. It started as nothing more than a hobby, and quickly spiraled into a full-fledged passion. I started with just learning HTML, then got into CSS and then just went out of control! I created my first little website when I was 17, back when tables were in.

I started building my own little (and not so little) websites, and then started working on other people’s sites. And, with each new one created, there was something new I learned, from simple PHP to skinning image galleries and forums, designing simple layouts, editing video and audio.

I was then hired as a Team Leader for HTML & CSS Development at E.C. Software in India, and though the time I spent there was short, it taught me a lot. After coming home, I got into WordPress, and slowly started understanding more complex PHP and MySQL. Javascript libraries quickly followed and then corporate design was added to the pile, and, to this day, I try to learn something new on every single website I work on.

Quick tidbits about me:

  • Born in October 1983
  • Studied in French Curriculum schools
  • Graduated from highschool in 2001
  • Has a French Baccalauréat (with honors)
  • Lived in Rome, Italy, for 7 years
  • Lived in Maryland, USA for 3 years
  • Lived in Paris, France for 5 years
  • Lived in Chennai, India, 5 months
  • Speaks four languages fluently

To learn more, just click on the links at the top to download my CV in the language of your choice.