10 Sep 2012

Blog: Stuck Sharethis in Firefox

Empty Sharethis

While working on a lot of sites, I’ve noticed that the ShareThis plugin didn’t work in Firefox. I’ve had this problem for a while, so it’s not version-specific.

I’ve even tried to go to their site and try it, but it still didn’t work. I tried it in Chrome, and it worked fine. For some reason, it gets stuck on Loading, and just stays there, no matter how long you stay on the page, or let it load. Here it is on the ShareThis page:

I found a post about it on GetSatisfaction, but it give any sort of solution or reason. Since none of my clients said anything about it, I thought that maybe it was an issue with a plugin, so, I asked myself which plugin I probably had on my FF that none of my clients have on theirs.

It was really between Firebug, and the Web Developer Extension. I remembered that the Web Developper extension has a Disable Tab. I went to it, and wrote down which features were disabled before enabling them all.

And, it worked. So, after disabling each feature one by one, I realized it was the Disable Referrers option that was causing the issue. and, lo and behold, it was suddenly working fine.

I hope this helps!

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